Enel X Pay

Mohan - Android engineer

Enel X

Enel X wants to become a leading player in the digital banking market, by using open banking to create new financial solutions integrated within the Enel ecosystem. 

To achieve this they use Tink's SDKs and PFM with the goal of supporting their clients in the daily management of their finances, with an innovative and engaging solution that uses machine learning to provide tailored and personalised advice.

Thoughts from Mohan

Enel X has very detailed design specifications and they require the PFM SDK to be flexible in supporting various UX styling customisations to achieve them. We use Material Components for Android in the PFM SDK for various views and offer the material styling options to customers. This will allow a customer like Enel-X to make use of various styling attributes from these material styles and modify the look and feel of the views shown in the SDK to fit their requirements. In the long term, we hope to use more material components and styling everywhere for our views and this will not only allow us to be more flexible to support different customer use-cases but also be compliant to standard material design guidelines for Android.


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