Meet Mani

iOS Engineer - SDK Mobile

Tell us about your role!

I work as an iOS-engineer in the mobile-squad. We build the native iOS and Android SDK’s at Tink. I joined Tink as a very junior developer with experience only in app development and was basically thrown into the world of SDK’s. 

How have you grown in your role and career since you joined Tink?

Before joining Tink I hadn’t worked in a team with other iOS-developers before and it’s great to be able to discuss strategies together with other developers, designers and PM’s before taking decisions. I have learned to write code that others after me must understand too and most importantly I have learned that it is ok to make mistakes or that sometimes you have to take your time to do something over and over again until you get the desired result. 

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of our ways of working and that we are not afraid to change things up if we feel like something isn’t working for everyone, often if necessary. I am also very proud of my coworkers who are true super heroes who always step up to help, whether it is for me, my team, the company or our customers.

What challenges are there for you as an iOS developer at Tink?

Coming in as the most junior developer in our team was my biggest challenge. But that is also the reason I wanted to join Tink. When I was still in school I did an internship at Tink and immediately got real tasks and projects thrown at me! It wasn’t easy, but it helped me to push myself to new limits and continue learning. That’s why, after school I wanted to come back, to keep challenging myself and become a better developer.

Describe the culture at Tink

Even though we’re starting to grow in numbers we still have a very open culture and it’s easy to talk to other teams and departments when you need to. We encourage each other to try out new things and to take our time and learn something new once in a while. We also do a lot of fun stuff, both within the teams and together with the rest of the company!

What’s the best part of working at Tink?

I think the best part about working here is that I don’t feel small even though I’m only one amongst the hundreds. I can drive big projects and together with my co-developers we can decide on how we want to work. And if I for example have an idea for improving something, I know I’ll be heard and I am encouraged to test my idea because I know my opinions matter.


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