Meet Nina

Software Engineer/Tech lead - Console

Tell us about your role!

I’m a senior software engineer and tech lead in one of our product teams at Tink, consisting of backend engineers, frontend engineers and a designer. Personally I work with both backend and frontend since I enjoy switching context and controlling the full stack. My job includes everything from programming and testing to handling software security, system architecture design and scalability as well as user experience and the visual interface for our customers.

What has been the most challenging for you in your role as a software engineer?

The fact that we have such a wide variety of problems to solve at Tink! This is both a big challenge but also what makes it a lot of fun to go to work. You never get bored :).

We’re also a quickly growing company and have an ever-changing landscape of products and APIs.

How have you grown in your role and career since you joined Tink?

I joined Tink when we were so few that the entire company could have a stand-up meeting together in a circle. At this time I was still studying at KTH in Stockholm, so I was really at level 0 in my career. Since then I have had the opportunity to try out a lot of different things, such as starting a new team to focus on and package Tink’s B2B offering. The thing about start-ups is that almost by design you learn and grow a lot. There are no predefined processes or right answers - you have a problem to solve and you’ll have to figure it out.

How do you help our customers improve their businesses?

My team develops the customer facing systems for configuration and documentation. We’re sort of the developer’s gateway into Tink. If we manage to boil down the technical complexity into something that is easy to set up and maintain, we have achieved our mission. Then our customers can focus on their core product offering instead of the underlying complexity of the FinTech industry. That’s pretty cool! But quite a difficult task as well.

Describe the culture at Tink

Friendly and ambitious. Even though we have grown a lot, I think we have managed to keep the start-up atmosphere instead of becoming big and boring. A lot of focus is put on having autonomous teams and the company puts trust in each team’s or engineer’s ability to find the right path forward.

What’s the best part of working at Tink?

The best part is that you have lots of smart, humble and friendly colleagues. The FinTech industry is also a very exciting place to be. There’s so much to be improved here and a lot of stuff going on.


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