PayPal & Tink Link

Roman - Software engineer
Patrik - Product designer


Adding bank accounts to PayPal Wallet required manual account number entry and confirmation with a code embedded in micro-deposit metadata.

Using Tink’s Account Check, PayPal's customers can add their bank accounts and have their details automatically filled in and verified. 

Thoughts from Roman

I cannot think of a better way of putting Tink Link into the hands of millions of people than partnering up with a client as popular as PayPal. I was a part of a team which helped PayPal to integrate Tink Link to make sure users have the best possible experience. It warms my heart knowing that instead of days, it takes literally a few minutes to connect a bank account to a PayPal wallet.

Thoughts from Patrik

On the surface, Tink Link is a rather trivial flow. For the end user, he/she needs to choose a bank, authenticate, done. But the combination of banks capabilities, markets, users device and clients specific configuration, the experience varies dramatically between each case: and this is where my challenge lies.

How do you shape a frictionless user journey, when you need to optimise for next to endless permutations of flows? If someone pitched me this work description 2 years ago, I'd have fallen asleep at the first buzzword. But once involved in the day to day work, balancing on the edge between "this is comfortable" and "I don't understand anything" zones is what gets me into the flow.

Working with PayPal, analytics and A/B-testing has been the key. Together with managers, engineers and product specialists we scrutinise the end user flow identifying pain points, create hypotheses of solutions and validate it with split testing. Given all the variables that affect the end result, designing for and drawing conclusions of results on this type product development environment challenges me daily.

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